Sunday, November 30, 2014

Top 20 Favorite Apps: 2014

Hey everyone! I made a list of my 20 favorite apps. I have a white iPhone 5 so if you just got an iPhone or are looking for some apps to get, keep reading. By the way, these are in no particular order. All these apps are free, unless I say otherwise in their descriptions. 


1) High School Story

In this game, you make a character then start a high school. It has a story line with quests a long the way and as you get more students you can name them and dress them up too. 

2) Circle

This game is similar to Flappy Bird in the sense that you have to tap the screen to avoid obstacles. I like this better though because there are challenges — collect x number of diamonds in a game, score x number of points, or break x number of diamonds. It's keeps it from getting boring. 

3) Clash of the Clans 

In Clash of the Clans you set up your village, designing it however you want and you can play in the story mode where you fight goblins or you can battle against other players. It's a lot of fun. 

4) Dumb Way to Die & Dumb Ways to Die 2
These games were made to increase awareness about being safe around trains. It's filled with different little games that test your reaction time and speed. 


5) Gratitude365

Gratitude365 is an app you have to pay for, but I think it's worth it. Everyday you can put in what your thankful for and you can include a picture. My favorite part is there's a calender and listing view so you can look at it and see how much you really are thankful for and you can see all the fun times you had throughout the year. 

6) Birthdays 

Birthdays is pretty basic but useful. You can enter in people's birthdays and it'll show a listing starting with the peoples birthdays that are soonest and highlights the ones that are in a few days. Simple, but great. 

7) Nike+ Running 

I love Nike+ Running. I use it when I got for walks or runs. You can use it on the treadmill or outside and you can listen to your music through the app and set power songs. It has GPS so you can see where you ran and where you ran the fastest. 

8) Google Documents 

If you have a google account this is a good app for your phone or iPad. You can type up documents and because they're on your google account you can access them on your computer too. I haven't tried the Word or Pages apps yet, but I plan to get those. Let me know which your favorite document app is in the comments. 


9) Shopkicks 

I've used Shopkicks for over a year now and like it a lot. You can walk into stores and scan items to get points then you can use those points to get gift cards. I've already gotten a few Target and iTunes ones. If you get this app, it would be awesome if you got it through my referral link ( Click here ) if you go through that link I get matched 50% off the points you earn in the first two weeks. You can do the same & invite your friends to get points too. 

10) Cartwheel 

If you shop at Target a lot like I do, this is a must. Cartwheel is an app by Target that has coupons like 5-50% off certain items. 

11) RetailMeNot 

I think we've all heard the ads on Pandora for RetailMeNot, I didn't think it would actually work. I tried it and have used it a few times, it's worked every time. I've gotten good coupons and it helped me find Black Friday deals. The only thing is with some of their online coupons just looks at any comments first to see if anyone said it didn't work. 

12) Starbucks 

If you drink Starbucks a lot, then you probably have their rewards card/gift card. This app you can put your gift card in and pay with it, get rewards, and get those free songs and apps they give every week. 

13) Pink Nation 

Pink Nation by Victoria's Secret is a cool app. It has the weather with a PINK dog and it has sales, plus you can put PINK filters on your pics. 

14) H&M 

This one is awesome if you shop at H&M. Basically this app is just to shop and you can order stuff through it, but I didn't know they had an app till recently. 

Pic Editing:

15) Aviary 

Aviary is a photo editing app that has filters, frames, blemish corrector, red eye, overlays, stickers, you can make memes, add color splashes, etc. I haven't used a lot of editing apps, but I tried a few and I've liked this one best. I also use the editing that comes with the phone a lot. 

16) Pic Collage 

Pic Collage is how I make any collages and outfits you see on the blog. It's pretty easy to use and I use it a lot. 

Social Media:

17) Pinterest 

Pinterest if you haven't already heard of it, is basically an app where you can find pictures of recipes, DIYs, outfits, workouts, etc. and pin them to boards. Here's the link for my blogs pinterest, click here


18) 30/30 

I talked about 30/30 in my Study Tips post, but it's a time management app that let's you put in how long you want to spend on each thing then it dings when it's time to move onto the next thing. It helps me keep moving and get a lot done. 

19) Duolingo 

This one I also talked about in my Study Tips post. It's a fun way to learn a new language & it's helped me a lot. You can learn German, Italian, Irish, Dutch Spanish, French, Portuguese, and Danish. 

20) Quizlet 

Quizlet is a flash card app, they also have a site. You can make your own flash cards or search for ones other people have made. It has quizzes and drills to help you memorize your flash cards faster. 

Those are my 20 favorite apps right now, comment below if you want me to do another one of these in the future when I've tried different apps. Also, comment below what your favorite app is! 

- Serena 

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Holiday Gift Guide 2014

Hi everyone! Here's the holiday gift guide, as promised. I put together some cute and affordable gifts that are all under $35. These are great to get your friends and family. Quick thing, I'm putting all the regular prices by the items and on the pictures, but next to the item I will put if there's a Black Friday sale. Let's get to it!

Pretty in Pink gift guide: This one is under $30 and everything is from H&M.

• Bangle Bracelet in Light Pink - 7.95 or 3.95 on Black Friday
• Double Strand Necklace - 14.95
• 7-Pack Rings in Silver - 5.95 or 2.95 on Black Friday 

The Beauty Lovers gift guide: This one is under $25. A great way to give this would be to put everything in the makeup bag and put a bow on it. Again everything is from H&M. 

• Eyelash Curler in Rose Gold - $5.95 or $2.95 on Black Friday 
• Makeup Bag in Pink - $5.95
• Makeup Brushes in Pink - $5.95
• 4-Pack Lip Gloss in Pink - 6.95

The Techie gift guide: This one is under $35. 
• Polar Bear Phone Case from Hollister - $19.95 or 40-50% off on Black Friday 
• Skullcandy Ink'd Earbuds in Pink/Black from Target - 14.99 or 8.99 on Black Friday
(For a guy you could get a different phone case at Target or Best Buy and get a different color earbuds) 

The Edgy - Chic gift guide: This is under $30. Everything is from H&M. 

• Bangle Bracelet in Natural White and Black - 7.95 each or 3.95 each on Black Friday 
• 3-Pack Rings in Gold - $4.95 
• Earrings in Gold - 5.95 

Nail Artists gift guide: This one is under $15. 

• Ladies Beauty Box 10x 3D Clear Alloy Rhinestones Bow Tie Nail Art DIY Decorations from Amazon - $2.11 
• Nail Buffer in Pink from H&M - $2.95 or 1.95 on Black Friday 
• Nail Decorations in Silver from H&M - 4.95 
• MASH Rhinestones 2400 Piece 12 Color Nail Art Manicure Wheels from Amazon - $1.59 
• Dottin 5 x 2 Way Marbleizing Dotting Pen Set for Nail Art Manicure Pedicure from Amazon - $2.06 (I have these & love them) 

The Foodie gift bag: this one I didn't make a collage for, but a great gift for someone that loves food is to put gourmet or their favorite foods in a bag or basket. Maybe some Godiva chocolate or if you like homemade you can make bread or cookies and put a jar of jam in. It's a great personalized gift for a girl or guy. 

I hope these help y'all with Christmas shopping. Comment below which one is your favorite & if you are going Black Friday shopping! 

- Serena 

Sunday, November 16, 2014

Study tips!

Hey everyone! I put together a list of study tips. This year I've been really trying to get organized & study more, so these are the things that have helped me. Let's get started! 

Seriously I have all my vocab words in quizlet (a great flash card app/site), but I'll get a piece of paper and write them all out too. Just grab a piece of lined paper & a ruler and mark a little before halfway on the page. Put the words on one side & their definitions on the other. Also write out anything that your having trouble remembering. 

First have a planner, this is the first year I really started using a planner and now I couldn't live without it. Make sure you schedule in your study time, or it just won't happen. If want to go paperless use your google calendar to schedule it in or use a paper planner. 
I just want to take a second to talk about my planner. I got it at PINK & it's a really cute galaxy print, but I love that it has a monthly and weekly layout, and it has pages for notes. I also like that it comes with cute stickers to mark events.
I'm using washi tape & a sharpie to mark Xmas break & I use the column on the right to put anyones' birthdays. 

Highlight things that you know are going to be on the test one color, highlight hard vocab words & just use it to make things pop in your notes. It's easier to read that way. You can use color pens, I just find highlighters much easier. I use these Yoobi mini highlighter from Target & I just love them. I seriously don't know what I'd do without them. 

Also I like using these little post it flags to mark pages in my binders and notebooks. 

Everyone says to work 25 minutes & break 5 minutes & every third break is 15 minutes. Try that. I personally like to work 50 minutes & break 10 minutes & every third break 30 minutes. I use both methods, If it's something that there isn't much to study I'll use the 25min method, but most of the time for me I'm just getting into it & then it's time for a break which totally breaks my concentration. On your breaks try doing some light workout too. Try both out and see what works for you. 

This is really controversial, I think it goes by the person. Music helps me focus a lot better. Just don't listen to music that has words and don't play it too loud. Personally I love to listen to the film score radio on pandora and the Trans-Syberian orchestra radio on pandora. If you find orchestra or even flute music too distracting maybe your one of the people that study better without music. 

This sounds like a no brainer, but we've all done it. Say I'm just going to check this quick...One hour later your still on your phone. No studying in sight. Put your phone on silent & if you using it for music put it face down on he table next to you so you don't see the notifications. If you have an iPhone you can use the do not disturb setting. 

Have some brain food! Healthy snacks and a bottle of water or cup of tea with you while you study. Maybe it's just me, but I can't study on an empty stomach. Also, your brain needs sugar, so snacking on some dried or fresh fruit is a great, healthy way to keep your energy up. 

Find your favorite place to study, whether it's in your room, at a coffee shop, or at the library. Once you have your favorite spot, use it. The library can sometimes be the best place to study, because it's quiet & being around all the books can get you into a studying mood. Once in a while switch it up, study somewhere different so it doesn't get boring.

It's true what they say, studying with a group can help you learn things better. Get some friends together & study. If you're having trouble someone else could explain it to you and it helps you memorize things explaining them to other people. 

Apps to help you study:

This app is seriously the best for time management. It helps to make sure you get enough study time in and you don't spend to much time on one subject. Or you can just use it to keep on track throughout the day. I seriously love it.

This app is my favorite app to help me learn a language. It's helped me a ton with German & I plan to learn Italian with it too. It's fun & doesn't take long. Plus you can set daily goals to keep you on track. It has German, Spanish, French, Italian, Portuguese, Dutch, Irish, and Danish. It honestly makes learning a language a lot easier. 

My last app for you guys is called: Streaks 
This is a goal setting app. You can make calendars like studying, workout, etc. and everyday that you do it, it puts an x on the calendar. It's a good way to keep track of your goals and to motivate you. 

Comment below what your favorite study tip is? 
- Serena 

Sunday, November 9, 2014

Fall Outfit Inspiration!

Hey everyone! Today I put some outfits together for fall. All of these outfits are inspired by outfits I've worn and loved. You can use these for inspiration for what you already have in your closet, but I'm going to put where you can find each item below. 

First is this pretty fall outfit that would be great for some of the warmer days in spring or fall.

• Dress - H&M 
• Brown tights - H&M 
• Faux leather jacket is from Delias (I really don't like this one, but I couldn't find a faux leather jacket that was a light brown online, the one I have I got at a consignment shop)
• Brown ankle boots are from American Eagle 

The second outfit is comfy and great for some of the cooler days. 
• Textured V-neck sweater - American Eagle 
• Steve Madden boots - Famous Footwear
• Camo jeggings - Delias 

Last, but not least here's a cute preppy outfit
• Mint shirt - Abercrombie 
• Jeans - American Eagle
• Cream shimmer scarf - Abercrombie 
• Shoulder bag - Hollister 
• Brown faux leather jacket - Delias 
• Brown riding boots - Famous Footwear 

I hope some of these inspire you to put together an outfit for fall. Comment below which one is your favorite! 
- Serena