Wednesday, January 28, 2015

My Workout Routine

Today I'm going to share my fitness routine with you. I love working out, but in the new year I want to make more time to do it. My goal is to exercises 5-6 days a week, right now I'm at about 2-3. Comment your fitness goals down below! 
Let's get into it! 

I like to either go to the gym, workout at home, or take the dogs for a walk. 

If I'm working out at home, this is pretty much how it goes. A lot of the time I warm up, stretch then use a video, because I can change it up and staying with the vid doesn't let me give up. My favorite is the Blogilates vids (Click here), there's an app for them too.

When I need a quick workout, I'll do my own:  
Warm up w/ jumping jacks & high knees 
Stretch (I'll stretch for about 5min) Blogilates has a great stretching for flexibility vid.
Sit ups
Flutter kicks 
Calf raises 
Russian twists
Wall sit
Cool down stretch 

• If your having trouble motivating yourself, get a friend to workout with you or do classes at the gym—Zumba, yoga, & kick boxing are my favorites. It's at a set time so you can't put off going, plus Zumba is fun.  
• Try a sport—gymnastics, martial arts, tennis, soccer, track, etc. are all good to stay in shape.
• Drink lots of water! Coconut water is a great alternative to sports drinks because it's super hydrating. 
• Working out relieves stress! So next time you're super stressed about that test coming up take a break and work out. 

Comment below what your favorite sport is! Follow me on Bloglovin & Pinterest to stay up to date on new posts.
- Serena 

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