Monday, January 5, 2015

Workout Outfits

Happy New Year! Can you believe it's already 2015? Time has gone so fast. My New Years resolution this year is to be healthy and get fit so, today I'm going to share some workout outfit inspiration.  Maybe it's just me, but I'm more excited to workout if I have a cute outfit. This is week 1 of my health & fitness month, I'll put a schedule for this months posts at the end. Below the pics I'll put where your can find everything. Let's get into it!

This one is perfect for when you go for a run in colder weather. 
• Ultimate Half Zip - PINK
• Reversible Ultimate Yoga Leggings - PINK
• Yurbuds headphones - Target or Amazon (I got these for Xmas & love them)
• Incredible Front Close Sports Bra- Victoria's Secret
• Fleece-lined Headband - Victoria's Secret Sport 
• Zulu Element glass water bottle - Target

This one is perfect for warmer weather or working out indoors. I loved both of the tops and couldn't decide which to put in, so I put in both! 
• Happily Ever Active Tank - Blogilates 
(on the left) 
• Reversible Headband - VS Sport (2 colors shown) 
• Incredible sports bra - VS Sport 
• Contigo Water Bottle - Target 
• Yoga Tank Top - H&M (on the right) 
• Yoga Crop Leggings - PINK 

Last but not least, this one is all mint (which I'm obsessed with lately, by the way) Its great for fall, winter, or spring. If it's cold out just throw a hoodie or sweatshirt on top. 
• Yurbuds headphones - Amazon or Target 
• Reversible Ultimate Yoga Leggings - PINK
• Train Like a Beast, Look Like a Beauty Tank - Blogilates 
• Incredible Front Close Sports Bra - VS 
• Contigo Water Bottle - Target 

I hope this inspire you to put together some cute outfits to workout in this year. Also, Comment below what your New Years resolution is! 
Here's a schedule for this months posts:
Week 1: This post 
Week 2: Healthy Snacks 
Week 3: Workout Playlist
Week 4: My Workout Routine
Week 5: Suprise Healthy Recipe 

As always, comment below (I'd love to hear from you) & if you're not already, follow me on Bloglovin so you can see my posts as soon as I post them & follow me on pinterest (links are in the sidebar).

Have a great week! :) 
- Serena  

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