Thursday, February 12, 2015

Valentines Outfit Inspiration

Valentines Day is only 2 days away! Who's excited? I definitely am. Here is some outfit inspiration for if you're spending the day with your bestie, going on a date, or if you're on your own (like me lol), a cute outfit to go shopping in. As always I'll put where you can buy everything below the pictures. 

Lazy Day!
This one is for if you're just spending the day at home or having a netflix marathon with your bestie. It's festive and super comfy.

• Hooded Heart Print Sweatshirt from Forever 21 (btw the hood has bear ears)
• Fashion Leggings from Pink
• Heart Crew Socks from American Eagle

Date Night!
This one, obviously is perfect for your valentines date, it's not too fancy but you could dress it up a little with strappy or braided nude wedges (I personally like wearing wedges better than flats). 

• Long Sleeve Heart Back Dress from Aeropostale (it's from the Bethany Mota Collection & I love the heart cutout in the back)
• Strappy Braided Sandal from American Eagle 
• Charm Necklace from American Eagle 
• Heart Perforated Leather Cuff from American Eagle 

Let's Go Shopping!
This is the last one for today, it's great for just going to the movies, spending the day with friends or going to the mall. It's pretty casual, but still really cute.

• Paris Please Graphic Sweatshirt from Forever 21
• Paneled Scuba Knit Skirt from Forever 21
• Crocheted Ballet Flat in Black from American Eagle 

Happy Valentines Day!
<3 Serena 

Monday, February 2, 2015

2015 Spring Trends

There are a lot of spring trends—black and white, pastels, flare pants, suede, cargo pants, culottes, military green, and more. Some of them I just can't see my self wearing, the 70's look that's been on the runways might just be a fashion disaster. So, I put together my very favorite spring trends and where you can buy cute and inexpensive pieces. Let's get right to it! 

Black & White:
Black and white is EVERYWHERE this season. It looks good on everyone and can be dressed up or dressed down. You can pair a black top with white bottoms or white top with black bottoms and it looks super cute. Here are some more great black and white pieces:

Top left: Striped Pointe Dress from Aeropostal's Bethany Motta Collection (comment below if you love her videos)
Top right: Fitted Dress - White from H&M
Bottom left: Jersey Top - Nat.White/Striped from H&M 
Bottom right: Knit Cardigan - Black/White Patterned from H&M

Cargo Pants:
This one I'm actually pretty excited about, with how big phones are the big side pockets on these will be awesome. Plus, who didn't love Kim Possibles outfit as a kid? Here you can see how Selena Gomez styled them. She's wearing them with a black drapey top and some booties.
image via Seventeen

Get the look:
1) Skinny Cargo Pant from American Eagle
2) Skinny Cotton Twill Cargo Pants from Forever 21 
3) Skinny Freedom Cargo Pant from Ralph Lauren (these btw are on sale right now) 
4) Lyocell-blend Cargo Pant - Dark blue from H&M

Ok, so there were a lot of pastels in stores over the summer and I am happy to tell you that they are still in. Pastels are so pretty and cheerful. 

Top Left: Shaina Pink Biker Jacket from
Top right: Jersey Tank Top - Light Apricot from H&M
Middle left: Baseball Hat - Cupcake Green from Arie (this one also comes in a light lavender)
Middle right: Embroidered Scarf from Arie
Bottom left: Flutter Sleeve Blouse - Mint from Forever 21
Bottom right: Marled Beanie from American Eagle 

Yellow is THE color for this year. Now I know what your thinking, "Yellow is not my color." I thought the same thing, but there are so many shades of yellow you can find one that's right for your skin tone. I'm finding a lighter yellow (that isn't like too bold, mustard, or neon) looks good on a lot of people. Comment below what shade of yellow you'll be wearing this year. 

Top left: Drapey Scoop Tank from American Eagle (they also have a yellow tee) 
Top right: Ashley Sweatshirt from Abercrombie 
Bottom left: Chiffon Pleated Skirt from American Apparel 
Bottom right: Annabel Skater Skirt from Abercrombie
 I want to talk about this one for a second, printed skater skirts (any color) are super in this year. I always go for a plainer look, but if you love prints this is for you. 

Military Green:
This is another one I really like, because I love the Olive green military styled jackets, but it doesn't stop there you can get shirts, shorts, pants, and crop tops.

Top left: Hooded Military Jacket from American Eagle
Top right: Cropped Top - Khaki Green from H&M
Bottom left: Military Button Down Shirt from American Eagle
Bottom right: Parka - Khaki Green from H&M

Loose Shorts:
Ok, this is the last trend for the night. These I think are hit and miss some are cute and others just aren't. I found three that I like. By the way number 1 is paired with a white long sleep top that has sheer lace sleeves and I just love that outfit. 

1) Lush Print Shorts from Nordstrom 
2) Print Crochet Waistband Shorts from Nordstrom 
3) Smooth Sailing Shorts - Coral from Shoreline Boutique 

Alright that's it for today, I hope these spring trends inspire you to put together outfits & maybe help you find your new favorite thing to wear. 
Comment below which spring trend is your favorite and comment if I should do a spring beauty trends post. If you're not already, follow me on Bloglovin and Pinterest. 

Have a great week!
- Serena