Sunday, March 29, 2015

How to Make Money on Your iPhone! + Newsletter Announcement

Todays' post is about how to make & save money on your iPhone. A lot of rewards apps are either too time consuming, take too many points to get anything or are hard to use, so I put together a list of the apps I use to save and make money. I have gotten a good amount of gift cards from these apps, so if you need some extra spending money this is an easy way to get it. I have 2 apps to make money and 2 to save money. Plus, at the end of the post I will tell you about the monthly newsletter. Let's get right into it!

1) iBotta 

iBotta is a rebate app, when you buy an item that has a rebate you scan the item, then scan the receipt. Once you reach $10 you can get either the money right into your paypal account or as a gift card to places like Amazon, Express, Starbucks, etc. You can also get $2 for every friend that signs up. Some examples of rebates: 25¢ back on bread, $5 when you spend $25 on Express, $1 back on Naked drinks.

2) Shopkicks 

With Shopkicks you don't have to buy anything to get points. You can get 30-150 points for walking into a store & 10-100 for scanning items. Then you can redeem your points for gift cards it takes 1250 points to get a $5 gift card & 2500 points to get $10, etc. If you use the app often the points rack up pretty quick. If you get the app through this link I will get matched 50% of the points you earn in the first two week. You can refer your friends too to get more points. 

3) Cartwheel 

Cartwheel will save you money, it has discounts for target like 5-50% off certain items in the store.  All you do is add the discounts you want to use and it gives you a bar code for the cashier to scan. That's it.


WellSpent is a bit different than the others, it's a budget app. I find that if my money is budgeted I won't spend extra on something. It's nicely set up, colorful, easy to use, and the best part is it's free.

I'm excited about this—I'm starting a monthly newsletter. You'll get an email at the end of every month with all the months posts, updates, and a quote. If your on the computer there's a sign up box in the sidebar, if you're on your phone switch to the web version, then sign up in the sidebar. If you have any questions about it feel free to comment or email me. 

Don't forget to comment & sign up for the newsletter. Have a great week! :)
- Serena 

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