Sunday, June 7, 2015

Paper Towns Giveaway & Book Club

Hey everyone! This is the first of the monthly book clubs that I'm going to have on this blog, I will also be writing book reviews once a month on the blog, Books at Tea Time, so make sure you check that out. Its going to have young adult book reviews (written by yours truly) and adult book reviews. So this month I read Paper Towns by John Green, if you haven't read the book yet go check out my summary/review to see if it's something you'd like to read (CLICK HERE) and enter in the giveaway if you want to win the book. Next month we will be reading Red Queen by Victoria Aveyard!

I'm giving away 1 hardcover copy of Paper Towns to celebrate the new blog and the start of my monthly book club. The same giveaway is happening on my book review post. It's the same giveaway though. If you enter here, then you don't enter over there and vise versa. Good Luck! you haven't read the book, stop reading right now! SPOILER ALERT!
If you have read the book, welcome! The book club is down below.

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Here's what I thought of the book, like any John Green book it is was well written and had some parts that are so deep it makes you stop and think about life. Even though I waited the whole book, I'm glad Q final got to tell Margo how he felt and in the end Q did become the heroic, adventurous, and confident guy that would die for Margo like she wrote about in her book (remember he was almost killed by a cow). Did you like Q's character better at the beginning of the book or the end? He went through a huge transformation, just finding out who he is and such as the book went on and you definitely see a deeper, more adventurous, confident, and overall just him being more sure of himself at the end of the book—at least I thought so. Q and Margo aren't the only character though, I like that there is so much detail about his friends even though they aren't the main characters and I honestly liked all of them, because they all had such different personalities and stories. The ending I would say was honestly kind of realistic, because it would have been ridiculous if Q had stayed behind with Margo. I do wish though, that the book ended when they met back up in the summer. I loved that it didn't have a sad ending though. I would say that i give paper towns 4 1/2 out of 5 stars. 

Here are some questions just to get the discussion rolling. Comment down below and add to the conversation. 
Who was your favorite character? 
Mine are Q, Margo, & Radar. 

Are you happy with who is playing he or she in the movie? 
I think Nat Wolff is a pretty good fit for Q and I pictured Margo looking different than Cara Delevingne, but still think she's a good fit and not sure who's playing Radar yet. 

Do you like how it ended? Would you have done anything differently? 
I honestly liked how it ended, but I was hoping that it would have ended when they meet up in the summer. I like that it still implied that they'll be together though. He gave it a strong ending, which is good.

Are you going to see the movie? 
I will.

Would you read other John Green books after reading this? 
Yeah, I probably will. 

Was this the first book by John Green you have read? 
Nope, I read the fault in our stars before this.

So please join in on the discussion, comment below your answer to one or more of these questions & enter the giveaway. Comment any suggestions you have for future book clubs. Don't forget to follow me on Bloglovin, Pinterest, and Google +. Also, share this with your friends that like the book.
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