Monday, December 28, 2015

Shows to Binge Watch on Winter Break

It's finally winter break! Now there's a little bit of time to relax and watch some TV. Here are five shows that I think you'll really like. 

It's a BBC show set in the kingdom of Camelot, which follows Merlin (the wizard) and King Author on their adventures. This is definitely my favorite show. The first episode was good, but the rest were amazing. There are all 5 seasons on Netflix. This one is a must watch!

Once Upon a Time
You will love Once Upon a Time if you like Disney. The show is about all your favorite Disney characters being cursed and having to live in the real world while Snow White's daughter, Emma, has to break the curse. There are 4 seasons on Netflix and the current season is on Hulu. It's suspenseful and is definitely one of my favorite shows. 

Barry Allen is given super speed after an accident and uses his powers to solve crimes. This show has been super popular and the first season is on Netflix. The episodes I've seen so far were good.

Jessie is a Disney Channel show starring Debby Ryan.  You probably remember her as Bailey from Suite Life on Deck. It's light-hearted and funny. Perfect for when you're stressed out or tired and you don't want to watch something that you really have to think about. The entire series is on Netflix now.

Sleepy Hollow 
The show is set in Sleepy Hollow, New York.  Ichabod Crane dies during the civil war and is resurrected in present day. Sleepy Hollow follows him as he tries to stop the headless horseman and an upcoming apocalypse. You can check this one out on Hulu. I really like the show and need to catch up on some episodes.

Check out these shows and tell me what you think! Also, comment what shows you will be watching over winter break. I hope everyone has a great holiday!
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- Serena

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